Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio Premieres Block-Long Mural!

Nancy and her team of talented artists undertook a HUGE feat of design and installation, completing a block-long mural.  This permanent painted mural is 9-feet-tall and a full city-block long (nearly 200 feet!). The mural spans the length of the Embassy Suites' covered valet entryway, a few steps east of Columbus Drive, between Illinois and Grand. The design theme of the mural is "Urbs in Horto," a Latin phrase that is Chicago's verdant motto: City in a Garden.  The "Urbs in Horto" mural  is located in the Embassy Suites entryway/valet drop off, about 25 feet east of 511 N. Columbus Dr., between Illinois and Grand, on the way to the AMC Theaters and Navy Pier, across from the Whole Foods.  Be sure to stop and see this amazing installation if you are in the area!  It's not to be missed!  See previews of the work below.  Way to go Nancy and team!





Dayna Malow