Live Art International's Paint² raises $11,000 in one night!

Our Paint² product has been making waves in the corporate market for over a year now, with frequent appearances at trade shows, conferences and branding events.  We were excited to transition this success into our mission of community impact.  One of our first Not For Profit placements featured our 4x5 tile painting activity at the recent Our Lady of the Wayside School. Parents at the event purchased the individual tiles for their kids to paint at a later date.  We are excited to share that they  raised over $11,000 in one evening.   Our team will be visiting the school in early May to work with the kids to create the final art piece.   We will most definitely post pictures of the activation, as well as the final product that will hang in their school!.  Visit our Paint² page to learn more about this exciting product!

Dayna Malow