Meet Our Charity Auctioneers!

From left to right: Jeff Bizar, Stephanie Aaron, Brian Kirshenbaum, & Chad Coe

From left to right: Jeff Bizar, Stephanie Aaron, Brian Kirshenbaum, & Chad Coe

Live Art International has always stood by our motto, “The POWER of ART to harness the POWER of GIVING.” And while our performance painters often take center stage, let’s give a shout out to our extraordinary team of charity auctioneers! Meet Jeff Bizar, Stephanie Aaron, Brian Kirshenbaum, and Chad Coe, the Charity Auctioneers of Live Art International!

Charity auctioneers are a crucial component to any fundraiser and our team of highly skilled professionals engage event attendees, inspiring them to give, and ensuring that the revenue at the charity auction reaches its full potential. An experienced charity auctioneer knows how to maximize bidding and make sure the audience is having fun in the process. 

Jeff Bizar is a successful CEO who is a leader in his community and industry for almost 30 years. Most of his time is spent performing and working with families, getting to know them intimately and helping them create their vision for a special event. He has also been a motivational speaker for 25 years focusing on promoting healthy lifestyles and continues to dedicate his life to helping others through his speaking and as a professional Emcee and Auctioneer.

Stephanie Aaron has performed for most of her life, with a degree in acting from Bradley University. She is also an accomplished jazz-vocalist. During a long stint in the radio industry as an on-air personality and host, she was able to hone her skills as a professional Emcee and Auctioneer, often times taking on the role of celebrity host for regional events and galas. She has now combined her passion for music and philanthropy through the unique presentation of entertainer and auctioneer, with many of her appearances including a live musical performance.

Brian Kirshenbaum uses his unique blend of comedy and magic to deliver all of your pertinent information with mystery and laughs! Whatever your message, whatever your mission, whatever your event, Brian uses his skills as a performer, Emcee, and Charity Auctioneer to raise money and awareness. 

Fundraising, Speaking, Consulting and Motivating comprise the cornerstone of Chicago Charity Auctioneer, Chad Coe’s philanthropic spirit.  As the Founder and President of Special Kids Network, a fundraising arm for several charitable organizations that assist children with special needs, Chad has become a specialist in Fundraising Benefit Auctions having raised millions for charitable organizations.

Whether your event is, a formal gala, fundraiser, awards presentation, live auction or charity function, make it memorable and enhance the experience with one of our talented Charity Auctioneers! 

Dayna Malow