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Performance Painter, Brendan Cooney is a Chicago south side native with roots in graffiti and contemporary urban art.  More recently he has been taking new form with contemporary pop and surrealism with a street vibe. He has been an artist since his early youth, taking classes and later attended SIU’s fine arts program focusing on drawing and sculpture. He excelled after college as a local emerging artist, experimenting with various painting techniques on canvases. Brendan’s more recent work can be defined by his use of multiple mediums such as oil, acrylic, ink, spray paint, stencil and print, creating depth and contrast that is pronounced in his multi-layered pieces.

His inspiration comes from his grand uncle, Brother Joseph McNally, a renowned Irish artist and founder emeritus of LaSalle College of the Arts in Singapore. Under his tutelage he learned a variety of skills and techniques. He also assisting early on in the studio of his family owned art gallery.

Brendan’s work has expanded from the studio back onto the street in the last few years with design & custom work of large scale murals in both Miami Wynwood Art District, and Chicago. He has worked on custom designs for the Allium at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago, and has been building quite the name for himself in the Midwest. Brendan has been sought after by a number of companies to add to their public and private collections. More recently doing custom clothing designs for DJ’s and music festivals, a number of live paintings for charity events as well as creating custom work for Red Bull and many other corporate clients.