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Peter Fecteau has created paintings and built Rubik’s Cube® mosaics as live performances for countless events. His work has been commissioned by National Geographic and the Liberty Science Center as well as featured in numerous high-end art publications across the globe. As owner and operator of Buttonpresser Studios, he is considered the world’s predominant “Rubik’s Cubist” and was the artist of record for Rubik’s Cube® from 2010 to 2017. During that time he helped to create the Mosaic Builder program as an extension to the You Can Do the Cube educational program. The Mosaic Builder program teaches younger students the basics of the Rubik’s Cube® and then challenges them to build a mosaic using one of over 20+ designed mosaic templates. He has also mentored a half-dozen up-and-coming Rubik’s artists and is also available for speaking engagements, where he talks about the mystery and marvel behind the cube.

The awe-inspiring aesthetic of a "cube-ist" mosaic isn't just the fact that it's made from hundreds, sometimes thousands of cubes. The scale and the vibrant colors trigger powerful emotions; like those you had as a child opening a present on your birthday.

His mosaics also utilize a little known optical illusion, the human brain's embedded facial recognition software. The effect is so effective it even fools the lesser intelligent versions found in modern cameras. The cube lends itself beautifully to an artistic process, that is, if you're willing to take the time. Mosaics are created painstakingly and meticulously by hand, one cube at a time. Few people are so dedicated to their craft.

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